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LMRA Services

All Establishments which use expat manpower need to register in LMRA. They should continuously update its foreign employees’ data on LMRA database.

All companies should ensure that the registration data exactly coincide with the formal registrations in other relevant authorities. Note that the calculation of monthly fees depends on such data. Therefore, LMRA emphasizes the importance of the presentation of correct information about foreign Labour.

The accuracy and correctness of bills issued by LMRA depend upon adherence to such instructions. To ensure the correctness of data and fees calculations, institutions and organizations are advised to follow the data cleansing procedures.

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New visa ( employment / dependant )

  • Registration of Establishment in LMRA
  • Renewal Visa ( employment / dependant )
  • Ceiling ( Raise the visa quota in LMRA )
  • Change of Occupation
  • Cancellation of Residence Permit
  • LMRA Enrolment formality
  • Work permit domestic staff
  • Residence permit Renewal
  • Offense Clearing
  • Transfer Visa
  • Termination
  • Runaway report
  • Online payment LMRA fees
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